SITHKOP001 – Clean kitchen premises and equipment answer
SITHKOP001 – Clean kitchen premises and equipment answer

Get SITHKOP001 Assessment 1 Answer and SITHKOP001 Assessment 2 Answers

Australian assignment help has experts to provide SITHKOP001 clean kitchen premises and equipment assessment 1 answers and assessment 2 answers. Our experts have successfully completed the SITHKOP001 unit and they can therefore provide answers to all the questions based on kitchen clean premises and equipment. SITHKOP001 is an important unit that emphasizes on the development of skills and knowledge with the objective of maintaining cleanliness in respect to the food preparation areas, storage areas and equipment in commercial kitchens with the objective of achieving safety of the food. The learning from the unit is therefore applicable to kitchen personnel who have to work with very little independence and under close supervision. As a result of this, they need to be perfect with respect to the task undertaken by them and this unit of SITHKOP001 is quite useful in developing the skills and knowledge required in maintaining clean kitchen premises and equipment. Get help from the nursing assignment help experts of Australian assignment help to solve all the questions of SITHKOP001 Assessment and score maximum marks in the unit.

Important Questions in SITHKOP001 Assessment Unit

In order to judge the overall learning of a student from SITHKOP001 assessment, they are required to answer some important questions based on cleaning kitchen premises and equipment. Some of the sample questions that students have to answer in order to achieve competence SITHKOP001 unit are indicated below:

  • Outline your procedure for cleaning and sanitising kitchen equipment, storage areas, service ware and utensils.
  • Outline the range of cleaning chemicals and equipment you routinely use in the kitchen. What things do you need to be mindful of when using cleaning agents?
  • How do you work safely and reduce negative environmental impacts?

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Key Performance Criteria of SITHKOP001 Assessment Unit

SITHKOP001 unit has certain important performance indicators and it is important for a student to achieve excellence in all these important criteria. These are:

1) clean and sanitize kitchen equipment: After undertaking this unit, a candidate must be able to clean and sanitize kitchen equipment in order to achieve safety of food as identified in SITXFSA002 unit, and store equipment in designated places.

2) in service ware and utensils: The candidate must be able to handwash any items not appropriate for dishwasher, and dispose of broken service ware, and ensure the availability of appropriate crockery at all times during the service period.

3) clean and sanitize kitchen premises: The candidate must be able to clean and sanitize the kitchen surfaces, and follow safety procedures and remove linen according to organisational procedures in order to ensure hygenic practices as identified in SITXFSA001 unit

4) work safely and reduce negative environmental impact: The candidate must be able to work in a safe way by way of cleaning equipment safely, use personal protective equipment, undertake initiatives with the objective of removing negative environmental impact, and safely dispose of kitchen waste in order to minimise the overall environmental impact.