SITXFSA002 – Participate in safe food handling practices assessment answers
SITXFSA002 – Participate in safe food handling practices assessment answers

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Food safety handling practices are important, and Australian assignment help has experts to provide SITXFSA002 assessment answers. They are good at providing SITXFSA002 assessment 1 answers, SITXFSA002 assessment 2 answers, and SITXFSA002 assessment 3 answers perfectly. This unit of SITXFSA002 mainly deals with food handling practices with the objective of achieving safety in the process. The unit discusses the skills and knowledge required in order to handle food safely especially during the process of storage, preparation, display, service and disposal of food. It is mainly the food handlers that are responsible in performing all these processes and they are required to possess adequate skills and knowledge in performing these processes effectively. The unit also focuses emphasis on food safety legislation with the objective of ensuring sufficient compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations. The experts at Australian assignment help are well aware of food safety handling practices and legislation, and they can therefore provide most appropriate answers to SITXFSA002 assessment 1, SITXFSA002 assessment 2, and SITXFSA002 assessment questions. Contact the nursing experts of Australian Assignment Help to do nursing assignment based on the food safety unit.

Important Questions in SITXFSA002 Food Handling Practices Assessments

One of the most important requirements in successfully completing this unit is to appropriately answer all the questions in relation to food safety handling practices in organisation. The questions are aimed at testing the overall knowledge and understanding of a candidate in relation to food safety programs at the workplace, and also on the hazards associated with it. The questions also include area such as cleaning; sanitization and pest control application, and also focus on applicable laws in maintaining food safety in the handling process. The important questions that forms the part of SITXFSA002 assessment includes:

1: Describe the key features of the Commonwealth, State or Territory, and Local food safety compliance requirements, explaining how they impact workers at the operational level.

 2: Using the food safety program at your workplace, discuss the food safety policies and procedures undertaken on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Cover the following points:

  • Knowledge of HACCP.
  • Use and maintenance of food safety equipment
  • Critical control points (between 6 and 9 steps) including times, temps and danger zones
  • Storage procedures to maximise food safety
  • Cooling/heating processes to keep food safe.
  • Food display standards to keep food safe
  • Standards for pre-packaged food items, single use and self-serve items.
  • Standards for high-risk customer groups.

3.: Food hazards can be classified in 3 groups: chemical, physical, microbiological. List two (2) food hazards from each group.

4: Explain how to maintain a temperature probe.

5: Explain how to use cleaning, sanitising and pest control equipment.

6: Explain the cleaning, sanitising and maintenance requirements for the preparation and storage of food.

7: Describe the customer groups most at risk from food contamination.

8: Discuss how you have identified and reported on non-conforming practice.

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Elements and Performance Criteria of SITXFSA002 Unit

A candidate is required to achieve complete learning in respect to the areas of following hygiene procedures and identifying food hazards at the workplace, reporting any personal health issues in handling the food items, understanding of preventing food contamination and applied strategies in the form of washing hands in order to prevent cross contamination. A candidate is required to achieve competence in all these areas in order to ensure success in SITXFSA002 unit.