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Samples on Case Study and Strategic Assignments

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Assignments based on performing strategic analysis are quite common and most occasionally required on the part of students. Strategic analysis involves complete analysis of the company ranging from its vision and mission to goals and values that are pursued by the organisation with the intent of achieving higher level of growth and success. In doing such assignments on strategic analysis of companies, it is essential to have clear understanding of various such strategic management tools that can allow for performing better strategic assessment of companies.

Some of the major strategic analysis tools that are quite often used in analysing the performance of companies are SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, Porter five forces analysis, Ansoff Matrix, BCG matrix, value chain, supply chain and many more. A good level of understanding of these tools allows for efficiently performing strategic analysis of companies.

In addition to strategic analysis assignments, case study based assignments are also important. Students are often judged about their abilities to analyse cases. It is essential that there must be sufficient patience available with the students in analysing cases and responding appropriately to the case questions. Since case studies and strategic assignments are quite crucial, they are considered for inclusion in the samples provided in this page.

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The main categories of samples that we have considered to highlight here are from various domain areas such as case studies, assignments on management, PESTEL analysis and Porter Five Forces analysis of some of the companies that have been undertaken by them in the past. Apart from this, the sample work also includes some of the examples of research proposal that have been done by our writers. SWOT analysis based assignments and also the assignments on strategic analysis of the company have also been carried out.

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