SITXFIN005 – Manage physical assets assessment answers
<strong>SITXFIN005 – Manage physical assets assessment answers</strong>

Get SITXFIN005 Manage Physical Asset Assessment Answers from Experts

Australian government help has high quality experts to provide SITXFIN005 – manage physical assets assessment answers at highly affordable prices. SITXFIN005 is an important unit that helps in developing skills and knowledge essential in managing the physical assets of an organisation. The physical assets are core to the performance of an organisation, and it is important to make sure that they are adequately protected so that they can contribute towards the overall performance growth across the organisation. This unit is quite beneficial as it helps in developing systems and practices for asset monitoring, maintenance and acquisition. This allows for the efficient management of physical assets within the organisation. The unit is mainly applicable to senior managers who are responsible for operating with a high level of autonomy and are required to make strategic decisions within the organisation. Australian assignment help has assignment makers to provide quality answers in relation to the SITXFIN005 unit as they have successfully completed this unit during their tenure of study. Get quality SITXFIN005 assessment answers from the experts of Australian assignment at reasonable prices.

Sample Questions Asked in SITXFIN005 Assessment Unit

The successful qualification of the SITXFIN005 unit requires a student to answer the appropriate questions that are based on the management of physical assets in the organisation. Some of the sample questions that are asked to evaluate the overall learning of a student in managing physical assets are indicated below:

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Key Elements and Performance Criteria of SITXFIN005 Assessment Unit

The important key elements and performance criteria of SITXFIN005 assessment unit are indicated below:

1) Develop practices for systematic maintenance, repair and purchase of physical assets: The candidate must be able to develop and maintain current physical asset register, establish maintenance and repair regimes, and make use of environmental sustainability into the use of physical assets,

2) Monitor the condition and performance of physical assets: The candidate must be able to establish regular reporting practices to ensure that physical assets are in good condition, identify any problems on immediate basis, and undertake initiatives to ensure assistance in managing the physical assets.

3) Coordinate financing and purchase of physical assets: The candidate must be able to prepare equipment specification, estimate acquisition cost, make replacement decisions of physical assets, and keep accurate records of all the financial agreements.