SITHCCC018 – Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements assessment answers
<strong>SITHCCC018 – Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements assessment answers</strong>

SITHCCC018 Assessment Answers, Assessment 1 Answers and SITHCCC018 Quiz Answers

Australian assignment help has experts to provide SITHCCC018 prepare food to meet special dietary requirements assessment answers. The main requirement of SITHCCC018 unit includes gaining sufficient skills and knowledge essential in preparing dishes for people who have special dietary needs for health. It is essential for the food preparer to confirm the dietary requirements of the customer, and thereby produce food by way of utilising special ingredients in order to satisfy the requirement. The unit is therefore applicable to individuals who work under the guidance of senior chefs. In order to successfully complete this unit, it is essential for a candidate to gain a good level of skills and knowledge in the process of preparing dishes for people. In addition to this, the candidate is also required to achieve competency in SITXFSA001 use hygienic practices for food safety in order to achieve competence in SITHCCC018 unit. There law assignment help experts available at Australian assignment help that have gained competency in both these units, and they can therefore be a good source to get the most appropriate and correct SITHCCC018 assessment answers and quiz answers.

Questions to be Answered as a Part of Successfully Completing SITHCCC018 Unit

A candidate is required to provide most relevant answers in respect to questions raised in SITHCCC018 unit. As the unit focuses on preparing food to meet special dietary requirements, the questions are therefore set on the basis of testing the knowledge and skills of candidates on special dietary requirements. Some of the important questions that a student undertaking SITHCCC018 unit is required to answer are:

  • List and describe the range of special dietary and cultural foods you have prepared.
  • Explain the legal and health issues that arise from drug-food interaction, food allergy and food intolerance.
  • How do you clarify your customer’s needs and ensure you are addressing their health and/or cultural needs? Also discuss the consequences of disregarding specific requests from customers with allergies, diabetes, and/or other medical conditions.
  • Discuss a specific ‘dietary or culturally related’ recipe you have used, explain your preparation and cooking method as well as equipment used.
  • Describe six (6) ‘contemporary eating regimes’ (i.e. dietary requirements relevant to our society currently).
  • Explain the basic principles of nutrition.
  • Explain the main components of Dietary Guidelines for Australians, particularly with regard to older Australians, children, and adolescents.

Important Elements and Performance Criteria of SITHCCC018 Assessment

The important performance criteria that must be fulfilled in order to achieve competency in SITHCCC018 assessment are:

1) confirm special dietary requirements and select ingredients: After undertaking this unit, the candidate must be able to confirm dietary and cultural food requirements of the customer, and prepare food as per customer specification.

2) prepare food to satisfy nutritional and special dietary requirements: The candidate must be able to follow the recipe in order to produce foods that meet out the special dietary requirements, modify menu items to meet the dietary request, and utilise appropriate equipment and cooking techniques to achieve maximum nutritional values.

3) present prepared food: The candidate must be able to present nutritionally balanced food in an appealing way, visually evaluate this and make adjustments to the presentation if required.