CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People Assessment Answers
CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People Assessment Answers

CHCDIV001 Summative Assessments and Case Study Answers

Get CHCDIV001 summative assessment 1, CHCDIV001 summative assessment 2, and CHCDIV001 summative assessment 3 answers from Australian Assignment help experts. Summative assessments are highly useful from the point of view of evaluating the overall learning of a student from a particular course. They are mostly utilised at the end of an instructional unit in a course, and in case of CHCDIV001, summative assessment plays a crucial role in evaluating the overall learning of a student from such CHCDIV001 course. CHCDIV001 summative assessment 1, CHCDIV001 summative assessment 2, and CHCDIV001 summative assessment 3. These summative assessments include questions related to work with diverse people such as questions on own self and social awareness, cultural safety and security at workplace, communication strategies utilised in order to respect diversity, role of communication in diversity management and prevention of misunderstandings etc.

Along with summative assessments, there are case studies that are utilised in order to evaluate the overall learning of CHCDIV001 students regarding work with diverse people. Case studies are an important way of judging the ability of a student to apply in a practical scenario. Students are required to apply their learning in practical case studies given to them. The case studies are designed considering the concept of work with diverse people at workplace and achieving proper diversity to ensure smooth performance. Students are therefore required to give CHCDIV001 case study answers in order to prove their overall learning from the course.

CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People Assessment Answers

CHCDIV001 is an important unit that deals with the skills and knowledge required by people to work in a socially and culturally diverse working environment. This unit covers the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and details about the important skills needed in order to work successfully in a diversified working environment. A diverse workplace can be defined as an inclusive environment that provides equal opportunities and rights to all the employees respective of their caste, colour, gender, age, sexual orientation and religious belief.

It is not easy to work in a diversified environment because there are many challenges applicable to workers in such diverse working environment conditions. This includes communication issues, cultural misunderstandings, inequitable inclusion, slower decision making and discrimination. The benefit of CHCDIV001 assessment is that it is quite effective in improving the skills of students in allowing them to remain competitive even in a diverse workplace situation.

As this unit is highly important from the point of view of enhancing the knowledge and skills of students in the area of diversity, student often queries for CHCDIV001 work with diverse answers and they are provided with complete support by the professional experts of Australian Assignment Help.

Important Components of CHCDIV001 Assessment of Working with Diverse People

In order to ensure the complete development of skills and abilities of students in working with diversified social and cultural groups and situations, this unit includes certain important elements and specifies the key performance criteria. It is important for a student to successfully address all the performance criteria in order to achieve competent in this unit. The important elements and performance criteria to qualify CHCDIV001 are indicated below:

  1. Reconsider your own perspective: In reconsidering your own perspective, the areas that need to consider includes reflect and identify the cultural and social perspectives of your own, be aware of the limitations of self and social awareness, reflect on the ability of your own to work in a team and to be tolerant of other people and find and implement ways to increase self-awareness and social awareness.
  2. Recognize diversity and inclusion, and the advantages they bring: The recognition of diversity requires the consideration of value and appreciation of diversity, inclusion and inclusivity in all work environments, to participate in growth of workplace and professional relations based on an appreciation for diversity and inclusion and utilize workplace practices that are safe for everyone.
  3. Connect with people from different backgrounds and in different situations: To establish connections, it is essential to be respectful of the diversity of communication when communicating with all individuals, utilize verbal and non-verbal communications constructively to establish and maintain successful relationships, trust, and confidence, if there is a language barrier and you are unable to communicate, employ efficient strategies to communicate efficiently feasible, and ask for assistance from interpreters, or other individuals in accordance with the communication requirements.
  4. Promote understanding across diverse groups: The promotion of understanding across diverse group requires the recognition of issues that could result in communication misunderstandings or issues, when misunderstandings or difficulties arise, think about the implications of cultural and social differences, be prepared to work with others to find a compromise by incorporating the diversity aspect and speak to any problems with the appropriate persons and seek help when needed

The above table indicates about the important criteria that must be fulfilled by a student in order to be competent in CHCDIV001 assessment answers.

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