CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing Assessment Answers
CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing Assessment Answers

CHCCCS023 Assessment Answers, Answer Key, Case Study Answers and Learner Guide.

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CHCCCS023 Support Independence and Wellbeing Assessment Answers

CHCCCS023 is a unit that promotes Independence and wellbeing people. The unit primarily describes about the skills and knowledge required in order to ensure individualized services in ways that leads to independence as well as physical and emotional well-being. It is important to support independence and wellbeing and this can be ensured in a number of ways such as having patience why undertaking important life decisions, getting into community activities, encouraging interaction with others and by way of joining community group. Independence is quite crucial in case of care services and the care worker can encourage Independence by way of allowing individuals to take their own personal decision such as hygiene and dressing on their own, engaging in social activities within the care home, and participating in excursion from the care home. Overall, it is crucial to support independence and wellbeing and students are also required to properly give CHCCCS023 support independence and wellbeing assessment answers positively.

Important Contents of CHCCCS023 Assessment Answers Unit

As the CHCCCS023 unit promotes independence as well as physical and emotional well-being, it is important to show efficiency in relation to certain important elements and performance criteria in order to pass this unit successfully. The important elements along with the performance criteria are indicated below:

  1. Recognise and support individual differences: This is the important performance criteria and it requires the individual to recognise and respect the social, cultural and spiritual differences between an individual. It also requires proper consideration for individual needs, stage of life and ability to engage with others in support activities. It is important to recognise and respect the person’s expression of identity and also promote and facilitate opportunities for participation in order to achieve competence in this performance criterion.
  2. Promote independence: Criteria of promoting Independence is the ability of an individual to support the person to identify their own strength and self care capacity, provide assistance to person in identifying opportunities so that they can apply their strength and facilitate access to support services in a better way. It is essential to encourage a person to build, strengthen and maintain independence.
  3. Support physical wellbeing: Physical well-being can be achieved by way of encouraging daily living habits that contribute towards better life style, and a person is considered competent in achieving physical well being provided they are able to assist the person to maintain a safe and healthy environment. It is also essential for the person to identify hazards and report it according to the organisation procedure. It is also essential to identify health situation that are beyond the scope of their own role.
  4. Support social, emotional and psychological wellbeing: The individual must be able to promote self esteem and confidence by way of applying positive communication method. They must be able to contribute towards the person sense of security and encourage participation in social cultural and spiritual activities. It is also essential for them to develop abilities in identifying variations to a person’s wellbeing and identify any cultural and financial issues that are affecting their well being.