CHCCCS007- Develop and Implement Service Programs Assessment Answers
CHCCCS007- Develop and Implement Service Programs Assessment Answers

CHCCCS007 Assessment Answers, Case Study Answers, Assignment, Workbook and Learner Guide.

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CHCCCS007- Develop and Implement Service Programs Assessment Answers

CHCCCS007 assessment answers include responses to all the questions related to engaging with customers, and identifying the service requirements properly. This unit of CHCCCS007 is related to the development and implementation of service programs, and it emphasizes on the skills and knowledge required in order to engage with customers, analyse service needs of a particular group and develop programs and services in order to meet those needs in a positive way. The emphasis is therefore on analysing the service requirement to enhance the overall experience of customers. It not only focuses on identifying the service requirement for better service to customers, but also lays down emphasis on developing programs that can help in exceeding customer expectations.

Key Performance Indicator of CHCCCS007 Assessment Unit

The learning of a student from this unit is judged on the basis of certain important key criteria as discussed below:

  1. Engage consumers in the analysis of service needs: As the unit focuses on skills and knowledge required to engage with customers, the important key criteria is therefore to engage consumers in analysing their needs. The student must be able to develop a plan for consumer participation and engagement, must be able to investigate the needs of individuals, recognise processes and communication perform collaboration with other services, and evaluate brother organisation context and its impact on service delivery.
  2. Develop programs: This particular performance criterion requires the student to be compatible enough in developing programs for the development of internal and external stakeholders. The student must be able to engage people in accessing programs and integrate both the internal and external services, must be able to clearly define the requirements for human resources and physical resources, able to develop systems and procedures, and document programs by way of identifying priorities and responsibilities.
  3. Implement and monitor programs: The student must be capable enough to implement and monitor programs in order to ensure better engagement with consumers. This is evaluated by way of judging the ability of a student to communicate roles and responsibility to different stakeholders, facilitate training to support implementation, ability to compare the service delivery as against the agreed objectives, allow user participation and get feedback, and maintains relevant program and service delivery documentation.
  4. Evaluate programs: A student must be able to access the capacity of program in order to meet out the desired objective, should be capable enough to get feedback and perform its evaluation, and perform modification to the program as required as per the changing requirements.