BSBSUS201 participate in environmentally sustainable work practices assessment answers
<strong>BSBSUS201 participate in environmentally sustainable work practices assessment answers</strong>

Get BSBSUS201 participate in environmentally sustainable work practices assessment answers

Score maximum marks in BSBSUS201 participate in environmentally sustainable work practices unit by getting help from the experts of Australian assignment help. This is an important unit that is concerned with the development of skills and knowledge essential in effectively measuring the current resource usage and thereby carries out improvements with the objective of removing any negative environmental impact of work practices. The focus of this unit is therefore on carrying out work activities in a manner that results in reduction in the negative environmental impact from such activities. The unit is therefore applicable to individuals that are working under supervision and are required to follow workplace procedures and instructions. Those individuals are expected to work in an environmentally sustainable manner with the objective of achieving sustainable performance having no impact on the environment. The law assignment help experts of Australian assignment help has gained competency in BSBSUS201 and they can therefore provide high quality BSBSUS201 assessment 1 answers and assessment 2 answers.

Sample Questions to Answer in BSBSUS201 Assessment Unit

It is possible to achieve competency in this unit by way of scoring maximum marks in the exam. As the unit mainly focuses on environmentally friendly practices, the questions are therefore based on testing the knowledge and understanding of students with respect to achieving environmentally friendly performance in the workplace. Some of the simple questions that student undertaking this unit needs to answer is:

  • What types of issues or hazards/risks have occurred at your workplace regarding environmental sustainability (i.e.: think ‘being green’).
  • How have you identified these issues? What standard reporting processes are in place?
  • How have you made suggestions at your workplace to improve sustainability? How was this implemented in the team?
  • In Australia, which laws (legislation) govern the compliance of environmental sustainability in the workplace? How would you access this information?

Key Elements and Performance Criteria of BSBSUS201 Assessment Unit

A student is required to achieve competency in some of the important elements and performance criteria of the BSBSUS201 assessment unit. These are:

1) identify current resource use: The candidate must be able to identify the workplace environment and resource efficiency issues, measure the current usage of resources by way of applying relevant techniques, and identify and report workplace environmental hazards to appropriate personnel.

2) comply with environmental regulations: The candidate must be able to follow the workplace in order to achieve compliance and report any breaches to the appropriate personnel.

3) seek opportunities to improve resource efficiency: Must be able to follow the organisational plan in order to achieve improvement over the environmental practices, and work as a part of a team to improve the practices in their own area and make suggestions for improvement in the workplace practices.